Environmentally friendly and efficient, the Meri Crusher crushes and mulches stumps, roots, branches, ice, soil and asphalt.

Meri Crushers have been successful in many different environments such as siesmic, oilfield, forestry, landscaping, construction, agriculture, landclearing and municipal. It is available in drum widths from 1 to 2.5 metres with hydraulic, Thomas skidsteer mounting and Pto driven.

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*See also: information on the
Pressure Operated Safety Clutch.

SOIL PREPARATION, ROAD CONSTRUCTION, FOREST LAND CLEARING: Versatile MERI CRUSHER is capable of handling stumps, roots, branches, ice, soil, gravel, asphalt... almost everything. MERI CRUSHER can be easily mounted in many kinds of base machines both rear or front. Power requirements depend entirely on the type of work and the working speed. Generally working in the forests 100 hp tractors with low gears are needed.

  • crushing leftovers
  • clearing of tracks
  • planting land preparing
  • preparing of anti-fire lanes
  • forest road maintenance
  • clearing and maintenance of electric power lines
  • crushing of old fruit and berry trees
  • soil preparation
  • farm road maintenance
  • keeping the fallow land in presentable condition
  • reclaiming old farm land
  • gardening and landscaping
  • stump crushing
  • park path maintenance
  • preparing and maintenance of jogging and ski tracks
  • asphalt crushing

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