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Off Set Hitches
The benefits are obvious:

Compatibility: The Off Set Hitch can be connected to any brand of rotary cutter, pull style or three point hitch

Smart Design: A level tractor operation results in balanced lubrication levels and less wear and tear on tires, rims, bearings, gears and other working parts

Manoeuvrability: The hydraulic cylinder can be extended or retracted to manoeuvre around obstacles, keeping the tractor closer to the cutting area and away from the middle of the road

Greater Productivity: With the Off Set Hitch your tractor operator has a birds eye view of the cutting area. More efficient operation of your equipment results in increased productivity and savings

Skid Plate
The skid plate bolted on the ditch side axle, allows the hitch to be pulled through heavy moisture areas which wouldn't normally be accessible. This unique feature also prevents the hitch from getting caught over the edge of a hidden culvert or hole.

Three Point Hitch
The three point hitch unit option is bolted into position on either the model 10 or 15 Off Set Hitch enabling either unit to cut with a 3 point hitch style cutter.

Reversing Link System
The reversing link system is bolted into place on the 6"x6" frame of either model 10 or 15. The link arm is then hydraulically lowered into place locking both the Off Set Hitch and mower. This allows the mower and Off Set Hitch to be backed up to manoeuvre.



Get the job done fast and efficiently with the GRAVEL-PRO Roadside Processing Machine.
Grader blade moves and grooms high volume of gravel and material.

Easy Operation with adjustable blade for more accurate levelling and feathering of road material.

Superior grinding and processing of vegetation.

Owner/operator maintenance friendly.

Operating Speeds up to 7 MPH

4 Position Adjustable High Capacity End Plates

Hydraulic Angle Control
Allows operator to place material to either side of the road.

12 Position Adjustable Gauge Wheels
Available in 6' and 8' cut models.

Standard 6" Rotor or Optional High Capacity 8" Rotor

Moldboard Attachment Features a Grader Style Cutting Blade
Adjustable and Replaceable.



Protect your Investment

- Rugged Checker Plate Construction

- Universal Fit

- Easy bolt on installation

- Easily transferable to different brands





Handy Hitch Packer/Roller - 90", 105" , & 120"
Handy Hitch Packer Roller provides obvious benefits:

  • One operator can do the work of two easier and faster
  • Conserve moisture during road maintenance in dry spells
  • Seal moisture out of a newly crowned road in a wet spell
  • During new road construction compacting each lift of material to make a good solid road base
  • When maintaining the road each lift can be tightly packed to make a safe travelling surface
  • Six Heavy Duty Walking Beams
    that pivot on 2 hardened steel pins with 5 inches of bushing.

    Heavy 10" x 6" Main Frame
    uses the graders weight with the use of ripper down pressure to pack a 90", 105", or 120" width. You can off set the Handy Hitch Packer Roller right or left simply by repositioning the receivers.

    Easy Access Roller Tires
    14 Ply 750 x 15 roller tires mounted on individual 6000 lbs hubs & spindles. Maintenance is simple with a bank of grease zerks mounted along the rear of the main frame.

    90” Contour Handy Hitch Packer Roller
    Two heavy duty independent contour saddles that pivot on 2” x 8” Hardened steel pins, with 4” of bushings allowing for 4 degrees of travel from left to right over the main frame allowing the Handy Hitch Packer Roller to follow the contour(crown) of the road. And get 100% compaction.

    24” Packer Offset
    The packer offset is bolted into place on the main 6” x 10” mainframe. The slide assembly is lined with lubricant impregnated nylon bearing plates. This allows the Handy Hitch Packer Roller to be offset from the grader 24” to the left or right of the grader this allows for safe compaction of Soft road shoulders.

    Heavy Duty Quick Attach Lift Assembly
    Everything you need to attach the Handy Hitch Packer Roller to your grader (if it is not equipped with a rear mounted ripper). Mounting bolts, lift cylinder and hoses to the rear of the machine are included with the lift assembly.

    The Accumulator
    mounts directly on the ripper cylinder or lift assembly cylinder to give the operator precise control of down pressure when compacting the road surface.

    Skid Steer Packer/Roller
    Excellent for those tight spots that require packing but have limited access. Great for landscaping, limited access construction sites, and parks and recreational areas. This unit can Quick Attach to the front of a skid steer and utilize its hydraulic power to create downward compaction pressure. Perfect for jobs where a full size compactor is just not cost-worthy.

    Handy Packer/Roller
    Versatile! Grader Mount, Front end Loader Mount, Tractor 3 Point hitch Mount. This unit is economical and virtually maintenance free. This tow behind/front loader mount unit has one 90" wide by 26” diameter heavy-duty drum style roller with ½” thick steel wall. Heavy-duty spherical bearings will ensure smooth operation and responsiveness. No pneumatic tires means no more flats!


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