For Cutting Down Torque Peaks on Power Transmission Lines:

The efficiency of the POC-2400 as a "peak killer" is based on its superior ability to withstand high temperatures and resist wearing. All the key components used in this safety clutch have been widely tested and used in the car industry. They are designed to withstand thousands of sliding motions in difficult working conditions. With the POC-2400 safety clutch there is no loss in torque resulting from the sliding motions of the clutch. You can be sure that the torque level you select is transmitted without diminution to the application in question. 


  • Savings in repair costs of machines
  • Needless downtime avoided
  • No need for oversized transmission components
  • Quick, accure and simple adjustment by a grease gun

  • Transmission lines between tractors and their impliments
  • Transmission lines where trailers with drive are connected to a tractor's ground speed PTO
  • Industrial conveyors, transmissions, etc.

      Torque range 300-2400 Nm
      Power range 0-180 kw
      Turning speed scale:
      standard 0-1500 rpm
      max. 2500 rpm
      Pressure scale 30-150 bar
      Means of adjustment by grease pressure
      Weight 13.5 kg


    • 1 3/8"-6 ISO 500
    • 1 3/8"-21 ISO 500
    • 1 3/4"-6 ASAE
    • 1 3/4"-20 ISO 500
    • Cylindrical shafts 35 - 45

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