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Ultra Shine n' Seal​​
a natural cleaner and protective wax that you spray-on,  let it haze over and then dust off the surface leaving a new wet paint appearance. Ultra Shine n" Seal safely lifts off and removes surface contaminants and leaves your vehicle absolutely spotless.  It also will remove those fine surface scratches and swirl marks caused from washing your vehicle with soap and water that cover up and dull the high gloss painted surfaces.  This formulation being an enzyme is designed to lift the dirt away from your vehicle's paint to help ensure an amazing scratch free high gloss finish.  With just a simple spray/haze/buff application, for those who don't have hours to spend washing and waxing their vehicles, you will end up with a show room finish that will leave you completely amazed.  The powerful plant based surfactants lift and encapsulate any grime and dirt away from the painted surface and leave a high gloss protective finish. Plus the trigger spray on method eliminates run off and conserves up to 380 liters of water per wash.  Perfect for cleaning cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, wood furniture, silver, windows, plastics, chrome or any other non-porous surface.  So go ahead, give a little extra care and love to those things you pride and enjoy.

Revolutionary 2 Part Formula brings space age technology to your driveway and save water at the same time. Ultra Shine n' Seal Waterless wash & Wax is easy to use. Let it haze over, then wipe off the haze with another clean, dry, soft terry towel cloth. 
1. Washing your car first is optional but not required.  Note a light rinse may be necessary to remove heavy dirt.
2. Spray​ Ultra Shine n' Seal Waterless Wash & Wax on the vehicle. Work about a 2ft square area at one time.  Apply product directly on the surface of the vehicle.
3. Spread the product evenly over the area with a clean, dry terry towel cloth.​​
4. Let the surface haze over, then wipe off the haze with a clean, dry, soft terry towel .                                                                                    ​It's That Simple!

How It Works...

Our​​ proprietary formula does not 
scratch the vehicle's delicate surface because each application completely encapsulates the dirt particles with a protective coating of wax. When you wipe the wax with a polishing cloth, a harden waxed surface remains, and it lasts and lasts. 
Apply at any time in any way, back and forth motion, up and  down, circular motions or doesn't matter. Use Ultra Shine n' Seal Waterless Wash & Wax in the sun or the shade, warm or cold.

Product Features:

*Thoroughly cleans and waxes in one easy step without water
*Works on any hard, smooth non-porous surface
*Safe on all types of paint, including clear coat, but is easy to remove when preparing a surface to repaint ( no Silicone or Teflon)
*Cleans dirt, grime, bug marks,road haze,road tar
*Protects surface from salt in the winter and bird droppings in the spring
*Safely and effectively removes oxidation
*Exclusive formulation safely encapsulates dirt particles

*Great around the house. Use on glossy painted surfaces, metal, glass, plastic, fiberglass, gel coat, wood furniture and ceramic tile on        walls. Note: Do not use on floors as it is very slippery. 
*Removes GRAFFITI and paint overspray
*Quick: You can wash and wax your vehicle in 15 to 20 minutes (average)​
*Convenient: No special location or preparation is required​
*Economy: 1 - 32oz bottle when used properly should clean​ 10 - 15 vehicles (depending on the size and the amount of dirt on each vehicle)
*Ecological: Saves water and eliminates toxic runoff. Our product is non-toxic, biodegradable and phosphate free
*Safe for your car: It will not cause any scratches to your car's paint. It will actually help to eliminate any fine buff marks and scratches caused from washing with soap and water. It has been proven by 3rd party professionals....classic car enthusiasts and restorers.​​

*Used by professional car restorers "50's Restoration" and professional detailers
*Easy to apply and protection and high gloss lasts for months. Maintain with just clean wet cloth followed by a dry towel
*All ingredients are user friendly and completely safe for the user and the environment

For use on:​​

*Wood Furniture
*or any other non-porous surface​​​​​​​​​


1. Shake the bottle well.
2. Start cleaning from the top of the vehicle.
3. Spray some product on the surface to be cleaned and lightly spread it on surface with a clean terry towel.
4. Let the product haze over and then with a clean terry towel buff off dust.
NOTE: Can be applied in hot sunny summer days in direct sun shine or the cold of winter. In winter it will not haze over so just continue to buff  it after product has been applied.
When cleaning Motorcycles, spray the product directly on the terry towel and and apply to surface to be cleaned. When it hazes buff off with a clean dry terry towel.


In order to avoid wasting product and possibly scratching your vehicle, if your vehicle is extremely dirty with caked on mud, we suggest that you pre rinse your vehicle first.  Also make sure that you use enough of the  Waterless Car Wash & Wax to penetrate the dirt so the product will protect the surface of the vehicle and make it easy to remove the dirt without scratching the surface. It just comes down to common sense.