While some think that "clean" means greasy and glossy, we at ULTRA SHINE n' SEAL, prefer it natural.  This unique formula protects and conditions all your leather and vinyl pieces with ease while leaving you with a beautiful satin matte finish. With these results you end up with a finish that is not slippery and it doesn't affect your health adversely in any way. Our water-based Leather & Vinyl cleaner and conditioner has environmentally friendly ingredients and a rich formula of  lanolin and natural oils. These oils quickly absorb into the hide leaving a non-greasy, satin finish that actually repels dirt and moisture. Used regularly, Ultra Shine n' Seal Leather & Vinyl conditioner will keep your leather and vinyl soft, lustrous and healthy. A subtle fragrance compliments the leather and vinyl's natural aroma.

Ultra Shine n' Seal's Leather & Vinyl Conditioner uses a proprietary combination of cleaning agents and conditioners that provide long lasting protection against the harsh effects of heat, ozone and ultraviolet rays while conditioning the leather and vinyls.  Leather  & Vinyl conditioner helps prevent vinyl and leathers from hardening that causes cracking and fading.

Ultra Shine n' Seal Leather and Vinyl conditioner is not a dressing, it is a cleaner and conditioner that can be used on many types of leathers and vinyls.​​


1. Apply Leather & Vinyl Conditioner with a clean cloth or sponge directly on the surface.
2. Spread immediately with the cloth or sponge over the entire surface.
3. Allow to set for a few minutes and watch the leather & vinyl lift the dirt out.
4. Wipe the surface with a clean damp cloth to pick up all the dirt.
5. Re-apply if necessary.


* leaves no greasy residue
* Contains no silicone
* Protects Leathers and Vinyls from cracking
* Water resistant and long lasting
* Soothes Leathers and Vinyl
* Breaths new life into older Leather and Vinyl
* Contains no harsh ingredients
* Releases oils to restore Vinyl's need moisture
* Won't accelerate Vinyl deterioration by changing the original chemical balance
* Conditions new Leather to maintain suppleness and durability

For Use On:

*Vehicle Upholstery
*Leather Jackets and Leather Clothing​
*Saddles and Bridles
*Luggage and Handbags
*Leather Sports​​​ Equipment
*Reconditions Worn and Dried Leathers​
*Tires and Rubber Products
*and much, much more​​

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